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Disciplinary Thinking: rediscovered in 2021

I recently discovered that the site that was hosting these resources had been restructured and the materials archived. After a bit of digging I managed to retrieve them all and am delighted to share them again here.

These 43 Open Educational Resources were developed to support courses and events on learning and teaching in higher education. Many such courses involve participants (academic staff) from a wide ranges of disciplines and so it’s usually necessary to present information in a generic way. The project aimed to develop materials that can be used with a multi-disciplinary audience but that allow the exploration of individual subjects’ ways of thinking and practising.

These materials are the equivalent of 300 study hours of Masters Level resources, all released under the Creative Commons Attribution – Share Alike license:  CC-BY-SA.

Delivered mainly as MS Word documents and MS Powerpoint presentations, the materials are flexible and adaptable and we encourage you to use them as they are, or if you prefer, modify them for your own best use.

The materials were developed by our Educational Developers: Dr Jane Hughes and Dr Colleen McKenna from HEDERA with feedback and input from colleagues nationally and internationally.

Helen King, Disciplinary Thinking Project Manager


Thanks for support from:

Thanks for support from the HE Academy, JISC and the University of Bath

Launch Press Release 06/09/2012

You can find our Launch press release here.

Please feel free to pass it on to anyone who would be interested.

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