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Disciplinary Thinking Webinar

Today’s webinar went really well. We had a number of participants from the UK, Germany and the USA. We provided a brief overview of the HEA/JISC OER programme and then gave some background to our project. Jane and Colleen discussed the types of materials they are developing and showed us some draft examples. These materials are looking really interesting and I’ll be using some of them in my PGCert workshops over the next few weeks.

One participant asked about how we assure the quality standards of the resources. From a technical point of view we will be following good practice guidelines established from previous phases of OER funding (e.g. see JISC OER Infokit). In terms of the content, we will use iterative review processes based on self-review and feedback from others (including comments and reviews posted on this blog and shared at conferences), will try out the materials in practice and also ensure they align to the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) so colleagues can identify where the best fit will be for the materials in their activities.

A recording of the webinar and presentations from the webinar are available here.

Live Chat Tonight! We are hosting a live chat session at http://bit.ly/H3ndLB (password: oer4eddev) tonight 20:00 – 22:00 BST, so do join us if you have any questions about the project.



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