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Our OER Releases

OER Draft Releases: coming thick and fast!

Final Versions of these OER are now available from our Resources pages, the University of Bath Learning Materials Filestore and Jorum.

This week, just in time to give you something to read over the  long Bank Holiday in the UK, the Disciplinary Thinking team are delighted to release nine new draft releases, from two of our themes for you to read and comment on:

Release 1) Theme 5 – Disciplinarity and e-learning/digital practices

Release 2) Theme 6 – Disciplinarity and Assessment:

These nine resources are our latest draft release and will be shortly followed by others;

We value your input, so please do leave some comments to help us improve the final releases.

We look forwards to hearing from you.


About Ed Bremner

An old dog teaching new tricks. Mainly interested in imaging, open stuff and TEL. Find out more at: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/edbremner/ http://www.bremweb.co.uk http://www.instagram.com/ed_bremner/ http://www.pinterest.com/edbremner/


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